The Nintendo Switch made it clear very early on that the system would be welcoming any and all indie games. And the Nindie developers arrived in bulk to support it. And today, Nintendo held a special Nindies Summer Showcase to show what’s coming soon, what’s coming later this year, and what’s coming in 2018.

First up was Super Meat Boy Forever. That’s right, the classic platforming game is back, but with one heck of a twist. You see, the Switch version will have daily challenges and additions that’ll make it so you can truly play this game forever. If you wanted. The game will arrive 2018.


PAX West is almost here, and Nintendo is celebrating in style with Nindies @ Night August 31st, and will be kicking off PAX West. Here, Nintendo will show off not only a lot of their upcoming Switch indie games, but may be making an announcement or two. For those who can’t be there, the event will be livestreamed.

It’s time to go back to the world of Shovel Knight one more time. Shovel Knight: King of Cards will feature you as King Knight, and have you going through 4 new worlds and battling familiar faces as he earns his way into the Order of No Quarter. There will also be a card game in this expansion for you to play. The expansion will be the last for Shovel Knight, and will arrive in 2018.

For those looking for a more offbeat game. Mom Hid My Game is for you. In it, you’ll search various rooms and obstacles to find your hidden game platform. The title will arrive late 2017.

Do you like golf? Do you like RPGs? Well, Golf Story is a perfect blend of both, as you’ll traverse a deep world with characters and story, all the while playing golf! Golf Story is exclusive on Switch, and will arrive in September.


How about we drop a beat? Floor Kids is a unique dance rhythm game by JonJohn, and in it you’ll play as a group of kids breakdancing the days away in various locations. This game has fresh music by Kid Koala, hand drawn characters and worlds, and more. It’s coming to Switch first in Holiday 2017.

If you’re looking for arcade style hack-n-slash, there you’ll love Wulver Blade. A game that has some historical accuracy via its characters, as you war across Britannia. The game is coming to Switch first, September 2017.

You a builder? Think you can build a bridge to solve any problem? Well, then you should try out Poly Bridge. This Switch exclusive will test your building mind as you try and get cars across various gaps. The game releases Holiday 2017.

If you liked the original Kentucky Route Zero, but wanted to see it more connected, then you’ll dig Kentucky Route Zero TV Edition. This version of the game combines all 5 acts of the title, and all the interludes and puts them into one streamlined experience. This is a Switch exclusive for 2018.

Bullet shooters more your thing? Well, welcome to Earth Atlantis, this Switch first game coming this fall has you operating ships in a flooded earth as you try and survive everything the waters through at you.


Then, there’s Next Up Hero, this game is made by the mind behind Scribblenauts, and will feature you playing as one of 9 heroes. But the trick is that when you die, your essence lives on, and you can revive that essence to get a companion. Fight whole armies in this unique title coming. Early 2018

At the first Nindies showcase, Steamworld Dig 2 was revealed. And now? We got a release date, September 21st.

Nindies are unique for a reason, and a new title named Mulaka proves that with its unique art style and gameplay. You’ll travel across the vast lands of Northern Mexico fighting monsters and trying to save your people. The game releases in 2018.


Cute games more your thing? Then you’ll love Yono and the Celestial Elephant, a game about an elephant, obviously, as it goes around and wrecks things oh so cutely, but with a purpose. This is a Switch exclusive, and it comes out October 12th.

From the creators of Blaster Master and Mighty Gunvolt, Dragon Marked For Death is the next in line for the epic action they’re known for. This exclusive has you going into the action in a fresh way. It’ll arrive in December.

From Adult Swim Games, Battle Chef Brigade is one part action beat’em up, one part puzzle game as you try and collect ingredients to feed many, but getting those ingredients is part of the challenge!This is a Switch first title, coming Holiday 2017.

Arguably one of the most unique shooters every made, Morphies Law has you playing in 4v4 matches where you characters grow or shrink depending on how well they’re doing. So much so that your size will affect how easy you are to hit, where you can go in the level and more. This console exclusive comes Holiday 2017

Looking for a fun party game? Then you’ll want Sausage Sports Club, a game where you’ll play as one of four creatures playing games and avoiding obstacles. This is for Switch First, this fall.

Think there’s a thief in you? Well then Light Fingers is right up your alley. This unique title will see you being a thief as you traverse an unfolding world right before your eyes, and wager how good you will do. It’s for Switch First, Early 2018

If you want to team up with friends and go on a high magic adventure, then you’ll definitely want Nine Parchments when it arrives Holiday 2017. This title lets you be magicians with vast magical powers who have to go through hordes of monsters and bosses. It’s not to be missed.

And finally…there’s this guy…

No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again, brings the beloved Travis Touchdown back into the Nintendo fold. And this time, he’s going to be trapped in a video game with one of his greatest nemesis’. This is a Switch Exclusive for 2018!

So as you can see, this Nindies Showcase proves just how robust the Nintendo Switch actually is, and there are titles for everyone coming out. 


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