Splatoon 2 has been on a roll since it launched, it’s doing well in Japan, US, UK and more! And a big reason is the constant updates and new things to do. One of the fan-favorites though is the Splatfest, and the next one has been revealed!

As noted by Nintendo (and other websites like the tweet below) we’re going to have a superpower clash as it’s “Flight vs. Invisibility”.

This is a VERY different Splatfest from the previous “Ketchup vs. Mayo” battle, but that’s what the Splatfests are all about! So…whose side will you be on? Will you choose to fly high? Or will you be incognito and go wherever you please? A key question to be asked is whether an all-new stage will be shown off at this Splatfest, last time we got Shifty Station, will another arrive?

The Splatfest takes place September 1st and second! Stay tuned to the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast to find out who the guys will pick!

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