The team at Monolith Soft are by far one of the fan-favorite inner development teams at Nintendo. For it’s them that made the beloved Xenoblade Chronicles titles, including the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles 2. But, with that game wrapping up production soon, players have to wonder what’s next for the studio. Well, a series of job listings has been found that seems to point to what’s coming.

According to some job listings translated by NeoGaf, Monolith Soft is look for programmers and others who are willing to help with “the action portion of the game, specifically people who have experience in action games and able to handle responsive combat.”

The term “responsive combat” seems to indicate that they are working on an action-RPG. What’s more, the jobs reiterate a previous rumor about them working on a medieval game of sorts. Even showing off concept art (the featured image above). Other art shows off a dragon and a mysterious swordsman.

So, what’s coming up from Monolith Soft? It’s obviously going to be for the Nintendo Switch, but when can we expect to learn more about it? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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