Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is set to be one of the most unique games that Nintendo has ever had made (it’s developed by Ubisoft, but Nintendo gave it the greenlight) as it combines the Mario franchise with the Rabbid franchise with the XCOM franchise of sorts via its tactical turn-based gameplay. In fact, there’s eight different playable characters to choose from.

So, Nintendo/Ubisoft is releasing some special character trailers that show off what you can expect from these characters in battle. And not surprisingly, Mario gets the first one. People have been very surprised with the depth that Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle has, and this trailer will prove just how deep it goes, as Mario not only uses a blaster, and a hammer, but is able to strike foes while they’re moving during their turns. Check it out!

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle arrives on Nintendo Switch on August 29th.

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