We’re less than two weeks away from the release of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, and Ubisoft is releasing more and more trailers for its characters. This time around? Rabbid Luigi.

So, what makes Rabbid Luigi so special? Well, a LOT! He may not be the bravest guy of the bunch (why does that sound familiar…) but he’s got the weapons, abilities, and skills to go the distance in this game. He’s basically a wizard…and a vampire! No, seriously, he’ll literally drain the health from opponents by either blasting them, or just coming into contact with them.

Add to that, he can use rocket launchers to destroy enemies and terrain, raise shields to block attacks, and even lower enemies attack power, and you might just have this little guy in your party for some time.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle arrives on Nintendo Switch August 29th.

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