The next major Nintendo Switch title is only days away from release. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle will bring Mario and the Rabbids from Ubisoft together in a tactical turn-based RPG shooter of epic proportions. The game is apparently massive in scope, including 8 playable characters for you to be. And now, we’re hearing that more content is coming via DLC/Season Pass.

Ubisoft revealed during Gamescom 2017 that there will be three batches of DLC for the game. First, at launch, players will get the chance to get 8 new weapons for the game that will have a distinct “steampunk” feel. Then, later this fall, there will be new challenges for both solo and co-op modes. Finally, sometime in 2018, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle will get some “unexpected story content.”

This isn’t unexpected from an Ubisoft standpoint, as they love their DLC and Season Passes, but the content itself is unexpected in some aspects, and we’ll no doubt be wondering about what it all is even after Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle releases on August 29th.

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