Ever since Sony and Ys Net announced that they would be bringing back a Dreamcast classic, I was very skeptical. I mean, this is Shenmue we’re talking about. A masterpiece in its time, a cult classic and to many, more than just a video game. But the ever faithful, Yu Suzuki, is at the helm so I dropped my guard and decided to wait for the day that it would finally be released before I pass judgment on it.

While today isn’t the day that Shenmue III is being released, as we get our first trailer for it. And I have to say that despite it looking a bit rough, it definitely shows some promise. The music was very moving and we’ve finally seen what the development team has been working on for the past few years. It has a long development cycle, for sure, but I did enjoy what I saw.

But seriously, that guy that Ryo was sparring against could give the previous Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Chun-Li a run for her money. Sega, please make sure those faces and the facial animations do not look like that!

Shenmue III currently does not have an exact release date but will be released sometime in 2018. As recent, it was announced that Deepsilver will handle the publishing duties for the PS4 and PC versions. The title will see both a digital and physical releases at launch.

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