Fire Emblem Warriors has been slowly been revealing its roster. And characters from Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon, Awakening, and Fates have been revealed so far.

A previous trailer highlighted the Awakening side of things in the Fire Emblem universe. And now, we have gotten a trailer that focused more on Fates, even remaking the classic “choose your path” scene from the games. But also via this trailer, we get confirmation that more of the Hoshido and Nohr siblings will be playable in the game. This includes Camilla, Takumi, Hinoka, and Leo. The only ones missing from the line are Sakura and Elise, and it’s unclear as to whether they’ll appear in this game.

We’ve also gotten more of a look at the voice acting for the game. To be honest, it’s hit and miss, especially for some of the siblings like Hinoka. But, you will have the option to switch to the Japanese voices in the game should you not want to hear the English ones.

Fire Emblem Warriors seems to be going on a certain path, one that may mean the next “big” trailer will focus on Shadow Dragon characters. We would hope so, because Marth shouldn’t be alone in representing his title!

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