For only the second time, Fire Emblem Heroes held a special showing of the “FEH Channel” and with it came a trio of exciting announcements that’ll get players of the game very excited, and all three are coming very soon!

Before the game even released, a special “Choose Your Legends” event was held to show off who were the fan favorite characters on both the male and female side. And all the special events revealed were a part of that event in some fashion. The first reveal was for a special Voting Gauntlet starting on the 31st. It’ll feature the top four males and top four females duking it out. This is going to be fun.

What’s more, Intelligent Systems is finally holding their promise to give the top two males and females special outfits, and in fact, that’ll be the next Focus Group. Titled “Brave Heroes”, we’ll see Ike, Lyn, Roy, and Lucina, don all new looks and weapons to differentiate themselves from their regular counterparts. And some of these outfits are modeled after the lore of these characters. Such as Ike donning the attire of Greil, his father, and even using his axe, Urvan.


But the BIGGEST thing Fire Emblem Heroes is doing is allowing players to choose one of these 5-star Heroes…and get them for free! That’s right, no Orbs, no tricks. You get to pick one of the Brave Heroes and get them for keeps. Choose wisely!

All of this happens on August 31st. So get ready for arguably the biggest day in Fire Emblem Heroes history since its launch!

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