Fire Emblem Anime Teased from Artist?

Fire Emblem Anime Teased from Artist?

This is one to keep a lookout for. According to some sleuths and reported by Nintendo Wire, the Lance on the Choose Your Hero version of Lucina in  Fire Emblem Heroes may indicated of a possible anime in the works. If anyone who has paid attention to the language and script used in Fire Emblem Awakening,  there etchings on the lance. Given the original artist for Awakening and Heroes, Yusuke Kozaki, is involved, it maybe possible that he intentionally hid something. To the thanks of fans. some have used the language to decipher  what the lance says. According to the cipher, it translates as  “Anime project success”. Is  this a clue indicating an anime in the works?  Is it maybe a red herring to throw us off?  Currently this is just a theory right now, and no confirmation has been given this point.

Personally, I would not mind a anime of Fire Emblem. Given that the Fantasy Medieval genre has become quite popular as of late. Plus I could only help but wonder how Robin would appear and act, even though in game he has an established personality. Referencing back to Nintendo’s last venture in a anime, with the collaboration of Production IG(Ghost in the Shell, FLCL) an WIT Studious(Attack On Titan) for Star Fox, I think it can work. But which studio should do it? Hopefully, we’ll get clarification on this, but a fan can dream.

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