While the upcoming Dynasty Warriors 9 was announced as a PlayStation 4-only title, Koei Tecmo has made some new plans. The title will also see a release on both the Xbox One and PC, but only for North America.  That said I’m happy to see that we’re getting the title, especially on the PC as I enjoyed Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition.

In addition to the platform updates, two new characters were announced for the title; Man Chong & Zhou Cang. 

To further expand the choices available to the player, KOEI TECMO is also introducing two new playable characters to the game, each formidable in their own right! Man Chong, from the kingdom of Wei, is a brilliant general, skilled debater, and an excellent tactician. Meanwhile, Zhou Cang from the kingdom of Shu is best known for his incredible stamina and speed. Both characters join an already strong roster of fan favorites and will provide an even more diverse selection for players keen on exploring different storylines in different kingdoms.

Dynasty Warriors 9 will be released for the PS4, Xbox One and PC, in North America. There currently is no release date for either of the platforms.

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