Crunchyroll made many announcements at Otakon 2017 and attendees were treated to trailers of shows that are available now or very soon.

If you’re a fan of foodie anime, Crunchyroll is simulcasting Restaurant to Another World. This series focuses on a restaurant that seems pretty normal; however, on Saturdays, a dimensional door opens up to another world that the restaurant serves. Fans of Food Wars, Gourmet Graffiti, and other food focused shows will need to put this on their list. Beware, you’ll want to cook food after watching!

Another available simulcast is Saiyuki Reload Blast. The boys are back to fight evil and the battles get even more intense as they try to save the day. The trailer for this one featured great music that gets you really excited
to watch the series.

Classroom of the Elite is another new simulcast Crunchyroll showed off. It’s about a high school with a 100% acceptance rate for college or employment after graduation. This series follows the students of 1D, who are a little different from the rest of the student body. They notice something is a little off with the systems in place at the school and decide to investigate.

The Reflection was a big Crunchyroll announcement. This one stood out because it’s a simulcast anime produced by Stan Lee. In this, an unexplained event happened that gave people powers. Some use the powers for good and others use it for bad. This follows one hero, who is going to save the day from an army of super-humans who attack the powerless. As usual, you can expect a Stan Lee cameo or two.

Children of Ether, an original project for Crunchyroll, was shown off with a vivid trailer that left the audience in awe. It’s currently loaded onto Crunchyroll for fans who want to check it out.

Taking a break from trailers, Crunchyroll reminded fans of Vrv, a new app that costs $9.99/month. Subscribers of Vrv get access to Crunchyroll and Funimation. Vrv also has other channels in the combo pack, so for one cent short of ten dollars you get several channels plus your anime fix. Vrv will be of interest since it has several series that are not available with a standard Crunchyroll subscription.

Special announcements kicked off with Black Clover, the magical series focused around Asta, a powerless orphan with a big heart. Crunchyroll brought an exciting trailer that resonated with readers of the series published by Viz Media. You can watch Black Clover in October.

Juni Taisen Zodiac War is coming to Crunchyroll. Fans were able to see the first trailer, which brought lots of applause from the crowd. I definitely intend to watch this one when I have the chance to marathon a bunch of episodes.

Urahara, which was announced earlier this year is coming to Crunchyroll very soon. It’s a series that follows three girls who work in Harajuku. They have to battle monsters who want to remove landmarks from various parts of the country.

Finally, coming to Crunchyroll in the Fall is Kino’s Journey It follows Kino, who likes to travel the world. She only brings her guns and a talking motorcycle named Hermes.  Sounds fun? Here’s the catch. She can only stay in a town for three days before moving on. But what happens when she finally finds a town she wants to stay in? You’ll have to watch to find out!

In case you forgot, Crunchyroll also has manga! The spotlight for this season is a Final Fantasy manga in which a mangaka gets hired for a comic, only to realize he’s not drawing Final Fantasy. Eventually something happens and he wakes up in the actual world of Final Fantasy. So what’s a boy to do? You’ll have to read it to find out.

The Crunchyroll panel is always a treat because it’s like diving into a manga sampler, anime style. Attending this panel provides an opportunity to watch trailers for the forthcoming titles headed to the streaming app. Check out all of these shows as they become available and judge for yourself.

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