Capcom Announces Menat As The 5th DLC Character For Street Fighter V

When fans when laid eyes on Menat in Ed’s story during Street Fighter V, they jokingly wondered when we’d see her as an actual fighter. Well, looks like today is that day as Capcom has announced her as the next in-game fighter. For those who aren’t aware, she also trained under another, Rose. Which is why she seems a bit familiar.

Looking at her fighting style, she uses her crystal ball for close and ranged attacks. In addition,  she seems to able to juggle characters easily, can also reflect projectiles tossed at her and has some sort of dancing styled attack that she used on Ryu at the end of the trailer.

Menat is the 5th DLC character to be released and joins Ed, Kolin, Abigail, and Akuma. She’ll be available on August 29th in Street Fighter V as part of the Season 2 Character Pass.

Street Fighter V is currently available for the PlayStation 4 and PC/Steam.