“American Horror Story: Cult” Trailer Features Evil Clown and Politics

You never really know what a season of American Horror Story season is going to be about until we get to the start of it, but the trailers we do get often give us a good look at what might be waiting for us:

American Horror Story: Cult will take place in the modern day and will have two major themes: evil clowns and the 2016 election. The trailer opens, in part, with people reacting to the news of the Trump win, with Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters reacting to the results in a very different way. We also find out that Paulson’s character, Ally, is terrified of clowns and of going outside – enter Twisty from American Horror Story: Freak Show, courtesy of Billie Lourd’s character, handed as a toy to Ally’s son. We also see Peters’ character Kai talking about using fear against people, and it looks like he might be the leader of the impending cult teased in the other previews.

It’s not typical for the show to get political. Of the show’s six existing seasons, very little has touched on political issues of any kind, so it is interesting to see them attempting to integrate the election. The evil crown trend that was big a few years ago is less of a surprise. For those who blocked it from their memory, there was a trend of people dressing up as creepy clowns and roaming around being creepy. The show definitely makes these clowns way more violent and aggressive than the real life ones, at least in the trailer. Whether or not this is going to pan out to be a good season, or if it will be panned for being too topical, we will have to wait and see it all play out.

American Horror Story: Cult airs on FX on September 5, 2017,

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