New PlayStation VR Bundles Available at Great Price Beginning September 1st

Oh, the time has finally come. If you have listened to any of the past episodes of SonyCentric over the summer, you’ll know that I am a huge fan of the PlayStation VR headset and have been interested in the technology and games for quite a while. You would also know that I don’t have a headset – yet that is! PS VR is getting that much closer to my budget with the recent introduction of a price cut for and new bundle in both the US and Canada.

Back in the day (or at least until this weekend), walking into the store to pick up a brand new PS VR would cost you about $400. Before you even think about heading to the register, you have to make sure that your new VR headset will perform as it should with your PlayStation 4. So if you haven’t already purchased a PlayStation camera to play around with those adorable AR bots in The Playroom, that will be an additional $60.


Beginning Friday September 1st, Sony will have both the PS VR headset and camera bundled together and available for purchase at $400 USD. For those that did not have a camera, this bundle will essentially get you the new PlayStation 4 camera for free!

That’s not the only bundle being reduced. The PlayStation VR Worlds bundle will now be priced at just $50 more and includes the headset, camera, two PlayStation move controllers, and a copy of the game PlayStation VR Worlds, featuring five different VR experiences all in one. This entire bundle of goodies will be available for just $450 USD.

This announcement of new PlayStation VR bundles and price cuts seem to have come just in time for upcoming VR games such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Gran Turismo Sport both among a variety of exciting titles set to release later this year.


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