Watch the First Official Trailer for Amazon’s New ‘Tick’ Series

Amazon has released the first trailer for their original series The Tick, based on Ben Edlund’s satirical comic book hero.

The Tick has inspired an animated series as well as a live action series starring Patrick Warburton since its creation in 1986. About a year ago, Amazon released a test pilot based on the characterDue to its positive reception, six more episodes were ordered.

Some improvements were made to the character’s suit since the pilot, but otherwise, Peter Serafinowicz brings all the same ridiculous that the character is known for. The show follows a normal accountant named Arthur Everest, whose obsession with supervillain The Terror makes others question his sanity. The appearance and reappearance of Tick in his life doesn’t help.

Originally created as an exaggerated response to comic book heroes, a revival of The Tick couldn’t be more relevant. The first season will be available on Amazon Prime Video next month, but the original pilot is available to watch now. 

The Tick will be available on Amazon Prime Video on August 25, 2017.

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