Unboxing the June 2017 Loot Crate – Alter Ego

Oh boy. Has my experience with LootCrate been a wild one. The first box was great, the second was okay, but now this one is the pits. The concept, “Alter Ego” is pretty cool but they botched the landing in so many ways. Let’s not delay the shredding — prepare for my unbridled ire.

The Figure

This is the winner of the box. This awesome black-and-white Spiderman is excellent. From the upside down position to the detailing on the box, it is just a fantastic figurine and I am excited to show it off on my desk. The pose really is the best, as it does give it a sense of motion and movement, and the black and white “photo” angle is super original. Couldn’t be happier with this pick.

The T-Shirt

So, I don’t like Transformers. Not the original series, not the toys, and definitely not those awful Michael Bay monstrosities. But I have to admit that this shirt is…fine. It’s passable. The motion implied is fun, and it’s smart to go with Optimus Prime, the most popular character from the franchise. The color is great, material is soft, but it just feels kind of empty in terms of composition and in the action. I don’t even see people being drawn to buy this — there’s nothing about it that screams “I’m badass, wear me.”

The Pin

So this pin is pretty cool. It’s half Dr. Jekyll and half Mr. Hyde, which goes perfectly with the box’s theme. It’s grotesque without being hard to look like, and it’s general enough that you don’t necessarily have to be a fan of the story to use. Definitely a great one for horror fans, but the appeal, I admit, is limited.

Extra 1

The Hulk browns a is…kind of stupid. It’s got Hulk hands on it, and that’s about the end of its charm. If you’re a college kid, I could see this being particularly useful if you still eat out of pans, but as a woman who owns some china and already has all the secret very plastic bowls for earring cereal or ice cream at 11pm I need, I just has no real use for it. Aesthetically, it’s also kind of boring – it just has some hulk fingers on the side. What’s the gimmick here? That you can pretend you’re the Hulk? That this small bowl looks even smaller compared to the Hulk’s hands? The point, it seems, is lost on me. 

Extra 2

A poster book. Are we serious right now. And no, that’s not a typo — I meant it as a statement. I’m not sure who thought this was a good idea but my God, did they miss the mark. Considering that the posters are about the size of postcards and are double-sided, I’m not sure they can work as wall art nor are they all so visually stimulating or exclusive that they feel like something worth paying for. Deeply disappointing. 

Alter Ego's Secret Identity is a Garbage Can

This box mostly feels like a bunch of extras that were the last picks for other boxes that barely make sense together. Honestly, this is been a big letdown — I’m not sure if this is just a weird lull or they just had too many leftovers but it is definitely making me rethink my subscription.

  • The Figure
  • The T-Shirt
  • The Pin
  • Extra 1
  • Extra 2

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