Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is one of those video game titles that you hated when you heard about it, but then when you saw it in action you went, “Yeah, that’s pretty cool.” In fact, the team at the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast truly can’t wait to try it out. But, if a recent rumor is to be believed, it might actually be cheaper than most Nintendo Switch games.

Most Switch titles (with a few exceptions) are $60, a good representation of the price of modern console games. But NintendoSoup has a source within Ubisoft (who are heading up this game) that claims that the game will actually be $50. What’s more, they provided documents supporting this claim, and NintendoSoup says it’s legit.

But we won’t know for certain until Nintendo or Ubisoft makes the announcement. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle arrives August 29th.

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