Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Is Coming To Xbox One

Update: We’ve confirmed that you can upgrade this to Ultra Street Fighter IV

Listen up fighting game fans, we got some news for ya! Remember when Street Fighter IV came to the Xbox One and everyone was like, where’s Super Street Fighter IV AE? No one plays vanilla Street Fighter IV, why did you port this? 

Well, you can stop with the sad eyes, because it was just announced that Super Street Fighter IV is coming to the Xbox One. Yep, I’m not lying to you, peep out the announcement below.

So there you have it. Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition is coming to the Xbox One, so you just got one more fighting game to play with. It ain’t no Street Fighter V, but that’s necessarily a bad thing. So get those fight sticks outta the closet and get ready to take Balrog’s fight money.

Say what you want about backward compatibility, but I’m loving the fact that I can get all my favorite X360 games on my Xbox One.