So, we here at the Outerhaven were one of the lucky ones to get a review code for Splatoon 2. Because of that, we’ll be having our review up before the game comes out. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t preview it where we can. Some of the game modes are restricted at present (online components go live tomorrow!) but, the story mode is completely available, and let me tell you, it’s fun.

I know that a story mode doesn’t seem like the most important thing in a multiplayer focused game, but trust me when I saw, while Splatoon 2‘s story mode isn’t the greatest thing on the face of the Earth, it’s still a really good showcase of what Splatoon can be on its own, and a testament to the power of good level design.

Now, due to the embargo, I can only talk about certain things and worlds, but I think you’ll find what I can really is a good indication of what you’re going to get.

1. All Weapons Are Here

Though you only start out with one weapon at the start, as you advance through the worlds, Sheldon (the weapon expert of Inkopolis) will grant you more and more weapons for you to use. Why is this important? Well, you’re going to get a good test run on these weapons, and they’ll help you decide what weapons you’re going to try and use in the multiplayer. This also counts for the Special Moves you get in the game as well.

Now true, this does mean you’ll have to use weapons that you don’t like very much, and I found a few I know I won’t use outside of this mode, but the variety is appreciated, and more importantly, you might be surprised at the weapons you are adept with (I.E. I like the Slosher.)

Splatoon 2

2. Continuation Of The Story

The original story mode in Splatoon was about you fighting off the oncoming Octaraian forces through various levels. Well, that story continues here, as two years have passed, and now the amazing Marie (of the Squid Sisters) is now your liaison for this new mission.

It’s fun to see how things have actually changed, including references to characters from the original game, some of which will definitely make you smile (wait until you hear how Marie describes the player avatar from the last game!).

Plus, like last time, there are plenty of hidden items you can find, including scrolls that really delve into the world of Inkopolis, which alone will have you coming back for more.

Splatoon 2 Marie

3. Fun and Challenging Levels

The reason story mode stood out to me in the original game was that there was some really good design elements to the levels. For Splatoon 2, the first three worlds (which is all I’m allowed to talk about at present) is full of the same great level design. We’re talking ones that have plenty of obstacles, traps, and configurations that’ll put your ink to use in ways you may not have expected. At times, it’s downright difficult to beat levels, and I”m ok with that!

Plus, like last times, some of these levels are actually previews of multiplayer maps, which should get you excited for when the multiplayer mayhem begins. There’s even some epic melee battles where you have to fight off Octraian’s as you go to collect Zapfishes!

And of course, there are boss fights as well. Each with their own unique challenges and struggles. You will need to be on point for some of these, as they are no pushovers.

There are downsides to the story mode, but I’ll save those for my review. I will say that the controls are tight, and that was a relief, as the game on Wii U was really good with the various control schemes you could have, and though I played in Tablet Mode the whole time on my Switch, I never got frustrated with the controls.

I know you may not get Splatoon 2 for the singleplayer stuff, and that’s ok. But, I do encourage you to try it, especially if you’re new to the game. It’s a great refresher on mechanics and what you can do, and you’ll be glad you did once you go into those epic multiplayer matches. 

My preview coverage will continue once I get my hands on the multiplayer, so stay tuned squid kids!

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