SDCC 2017 – “Star Trek: Discovery” Shows Us The Start of the War with the Klingons

For Star Trek fans, the wait for a new show in the franchise has been a long one, but it is drawing to a close. Case in point, the official trailer for the show debuted this weekend at San Diego Comic Con:

In this latest trailer, we see the USS Shenzhou being attacked by Klingon warships, with First Officer Michael Burnham stuck in the middle of it, and with a lot of intense action scenes. This points to the inciting incident that leads to the original series’ standoff with the Klingons that dominated much of the intergalactic tensions. We also get a look at Rainn Wilson as a younger version of con-man Harry Mudd looking especially crazy, though what his role will be is yet unknown.

How Burnham is going to transition from the USS Shenzhou to the USS Discovery is also a mystery, but Captain Gabriel Lorca of the Discovery does say he is going to try and stop the war, so we can assume it that sometime around there is when Burnham makes the jump. And, of course, it will be interesting to see how her Vulcan upbringing will influence how she interacts with different sides of the cold war. 

Star Trek: Discovery will premiere their two-part first chapter on CBS on September 24, 2017.

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