SDCC 2017 – Ivan Reitman: ‘Ghostbusters’ Live Action; Animated Film in the Works

We all know how people felt about the Ghostbusters reboot that premiered last year. However, Ivan Reitman gave a bit of good news on Thursday at San Diego Comic-Con.

Speaking to the crowd at the SDCC Ghostbusters panel, Reitman, one of the creative forces behind the Ghostbusters franchise, indicated that the future of the franchise is “brighter than you might be expecting” after the “lackluster reception” of Paul Feig’s film.

I think we have wonderful plans, both for an animated feature that we’re deep in design on already and a really great story…That’s going to surprise everybody, I think, when it comes out. And we’re dealing with Ghost World quite a lot. We’re looking at the film from a ghost point-of-view, and the Ghostbusters from a ghost point-of-view. I think that would be something very interesting for you. And of course a new live-action film.

Reitman also suggested that while he doesn’t believe we’ll see Slimer in a prominent role like in The Real Ghostbusters, Reitman teased that the lead ghost in the animated film will join the Ghostbusters team.

The director also kept quiet on how far along the new live-action film was, but he does wish to see if there can be any crossover between the Melissa McCarthy-led team and the Dan Akroyd-led team of the late 80s.

Reitman stated that the studio will attempt to tie one of the new films close to a 2019 release date, which coincides with the 35th anniversary of the first Ghostbusters film.

Source: Den of Geek

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