SDCC 2017 – “American Horror Story” Season 7 Title Revealed to be “Cult”

You never know what you’ll get with Ryan Murphy’s mostly beloved (sometimes reviled) show American Horror Story. Last year, we didn’t even know what the theme of the show was going to be until its premiere. This time around, however, we’re getting the theme pretty early. American Horror Story: Cult will be the show’s seventh season.

There’s a new website in which you can visit to see content about the season, with eight weeks worth of content in total. The first week is open and has a video of the title reveal, with circles of sad clowns, bees and disturbing chanting with some rhythmic swaying. However, if you look carefully, in one of the scenes with the clowns, we see a woman in the crowd, looking up. Is she a new recruit? What does this mean for the season? We’ll have to see if those questions get answered next week.

In terms of the cast, we have American Horror Story veterans Sarah Paulson and Evan Paulson returning once more, along with Billy Eichner, Lena Dunham, Billie Lourd, Cheyenne Jackson, Leslie Grossman, Adina Porter, Colton Hayes, Frances Conroy, and Mare Winningham. Ryan Murphy has stated that the season will be connected to Freak Show, though it is going to take place in the modern day. Apparently, this theme is also going to be tied to one of “election” which means we might get to see some political commentary thrown in, for better or worse.

If you’re looking for more interaction with this season, you can sign up on the website to join in a Facebook Messenger campaign, in which the “show” will send you messages and give you eerie clues about what really might be going on with this cult. 

American Horror Story: Cult will premiere on FX on September 5, 2017.