SDCC 17 – Supernatural Will Return On October 12

Fall will be a great season to return  to TV, as  fan favorite Supernatural will be returning on October 12.

Releasing the trailer from San Diego Comicon, it shows off all the the events of the previous season  including the deaths of  beloved characters, including favorite angel Castiel,  played by Misha Collins. And lovable devil Crowley, played by Mark Sheppard. From the involvement with the British Men of Letters, to the rising of Lucifer, and to the birth of Lucifer’s kid himself, to say the least, Death was working overtime that season. It was a roller coaster of emotions for the fans to say the least. You must really sympathize with the Winchester boys, losing their mom again only to now worry what Lucifer’s son will do in the world. Will he bring the end of the world? What will the son do with his powers? Salvation or Destruction? Make sure to come back this fall on October 12 to go back on the journey.

Should you wish to relive and own the events of season 12, the Blue Ray and DVD pack will be available on September 5.

Carry on my way ward son.

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