Splatoon 2 is out (read my review!), and people from all over are loving the game, including the Nintendo team here at the Outerhaven (check out our podcast!). And what we’re loving as much as anything else in the game is Salmon Run. This take on Horde Mode is so good, and so fun, we can’t stop playing it.

The mode features two different maps, and numerous ways levels can play out. It’s simplicity and challenge is what makes it so fun, and unlike Turf War and the other modes, you truly do need to work together, else you’ll die.

But, what might surprise you is that Salmon Run will not only grow, but it could be expanded on in big ways. For the Splatoon 2 team talked with Famitsu and noted that future updates will include more maps for you to play on.

That not enough? Well, currently in “research” are more enemy types that you might be able to fight in the future.

Still not enough? Ok, the Splatoon 2 team is watching Salmon Run and how players play to see what ways they can further improve it.

This just proves how big this mode is getting.

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