Back in March of 2015, Sony joined the cut the cord revolution and announced PlayStation Vue to consumers who were tired of fluctuating cable bills. This new television streaming service featured several packages at a reasonable, fixed price and as of yesterday, all plan prices have increased by $10.

The entry level subscription option has gone from $29.99 to $39.99

The PS Vue service has gone through a number of changes since its initial launch. They have added more niche programming like the new eSports channel for gamers and most notably lost all Viacom channels, eliminating popular favorites such as MTV, VH1, and Nickelodeon. That said, this is just adding on to the many changes this evolving service has gone through over the past two years.

Unfortunately, those who have already been a valued PS Vue subscriber will face the price changes as well, just not as soon. If only there were some type of “grandfathered in” system in place. Instead, if those that have been using PS Vue before July 6, 2017 will keep paying at the reduced cost for three more months, afterwards they will begin to see the adjusted price deducted from their chosen payment method.

Although the price points for these subscriptions have gone up a bit, there is no reason to not at least consider this service if you’re looking to finally cut the cord from cable providers. If you at least want to see what PS Vue has to offer, click here to learn more about the featured channels and give the 5 day free trial a chance.

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