Super Mario Odyssey wowed us from start to finish at E3 2017. From the surprise trailer, to the numerous worlds and areas we got to see in it and the subsequent demos, not to mention the ability to take over people with Mario’s hat, there’s a lot to love. But, if a new tweet from the Japanese Twitter account is to be believed, there may be one more thing to love: no game overs.

Now, in many Mario games, you have a finite amount of lives, but it appears as though Super Mario Odyssey won’t have that. This comes from the tweet below, which translated reads:

“If Mario’s health drops to zero, or if he falls down a bottomless pit, you’ll lose 10 of your coins. But…! No matter how many times you’ll mess up, there’s never a game over.”

That’s pretty significant, and when looking back at some of the E3 demos, something that was shown. Now, as you can see in the gif in the tweet, a black screen does appear before you lose coins, so it’s clear you’ll lose progress, at least a little anyway, but no grand game overs will no doubt make a lot of fans happy.

Super Mario Odyssey arrives on Nintendo Switch on October 27th.

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