I’ll admit that when Netflix announced that they were working on an anime, based on Castlevania, I was very skeptical. First of all, it’s Castlevania, a gaming series I’ve played since I was able to grip an NES controller – a series that Konami has run into the ground. Then there’s that whole thing about video game adaptions simply not doing well, with a few exceptional standouts.

When I finally got the chance to watch the Netflix Castlevania series, I simply loved it. It definitely was way better than I thought it would be and they took a completely different approach. It was witty, with some comedic bits tossed in. They even focused on Trevor Belmont instead of the more widely known, Simon Belmont. But more importantly, it stayed faithful to the Castlevania series – thank you Netflix.

Except, there was still an issue….. It was way too short. With just four episodes, with the final one setting up the stage for something much grander, it stops. Are you kidding me? You go through all that trouble to get the team set up, taking the stage like total badasses and it’s over? WTF!

Well, thankfully Netflix has announced that the series has been given the green light for A second season. The next season will bump up a number of episodes to eight, doubling the amount of the first season. Sadly, there hasn’t been any word on if Warren Ellis, would be back to helm the second season. Here’s to hoping that he’s available, as the story was really damned good. 

No word on when we can expect the next season. That said, if it’s as good as season one, then wait will be worth it. And if you haven’t it yet, either due to lack of interest of you don’t have Netflix – you need to. If you enjoyed the gaming series, you’ll like this, trust me.

Expect our review on the series in the upcoming week.

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