What’s up folks, Keith here – your resident TOH video game music lover. I love me all types of gaming music, but more specifically, I love jamming away to some really good arrangements and chiptunes. So as you’d imagine, I’ve been a fan of the works coming out of the Gamechops camp for quite some time. We even got a chance to interview the man that runs Gamechops, DJ Cutman (check that out here).

Speaking of which, he sends out the word that their newest release, SpinDash 2 – which features 16 tracks of funky Sonic the Hedgehog 2 arrangements, is doing well. So well that the album is close to charting on Billboard.

For those who don’t know what Billboard is, it is basically an organization that tracks what songs and albums are being played the most and lists them by number. This is mostly mainstream music, so for an album that consists of video game music to get charted, well that would be amazing. 

But in order for this happen, Gamechops needs our help. How can we help, you may be wondering? There are two ways; either purchasing a copy of the album or by streaming it at following online stores.

iTunes – Buy or Listen
Amazon Music – Buy or Listen
Google Play –  Buy or Listen
Spotify – Buy or Listen

And if I’m being totally honest, this is on of the better Sonic the Hedgehog 2 arrangements I’ve heard in a while. It’s even better than the original Spindash and that’s saying something.

Even if you don’t have any intentions of purchasing the album, at the very least you need to listen to it – it may make a believer out of you. So, get out there and listen to the album or pick up your own copy. Either way, let’s help Gamechops get this onto Billboard!

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