So, if you didn’t see, at D23 today a new gameplay trailer/demo was shown off for the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts III. You can see it below. The game is coming in 2018 according to the video, and it will be on the PS4 and Xbox One. BUT… a lot of fans are asking for it to come to the Nintendo Switch. Not just for vain reasons, but for logical ones. After all, the Game Boy Advance, DS, and 3DS helped carry the series for a while, and even were critical to the overall story in many ways.

And, with Square Enix already showing a lot of support for the Switch (including possibly bringing Final Fantasy XIV and future FF games to the system) why wouldn’t they bring Kingdom Hearts III their way?

Well, IGN asked this to the director of the game, Tetsuya Nomura, who noted that a Switch version IS possible… but… there is a catch.

“The Nintendo Switch is definitely a very interesting piece of hardware, but if we lightly say, ‘Oh yeah, we’ll be on the Nintendo Switch,’ I’m sure people will come back and say, ‘But what about the PS4 and Xbox One? We want them out first. Don’t focus on other platforms.’ So for now, we want to focus on what platforms we’ve already announced we’re going to be releasing Kingdom Hearts 3 on. And so after, perhaps, maybe we can start thinking about other possibilities.”

So, yeah, we could get it. You could argue that we SHOULD get it, and Nintendo fans would definitely wait a little longer to get it. Would you like to see it happen? Let us know in the comments below!

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