Fire Emblem Warriors still hasn’t gotten a release date (more on that in a bit), but a new trailer has arrived for the game, and in it, 4 new characters have been revealed as playable. The trailer, called “Warriors Awakening”, focuses on the characters from Fire Emblem Awakening entering the game.

What’s interesting here though, is that it’s shown that the original characters for this game, Rowan and Lianna are in the lands of Awakening, Ylisse. Furthermore, this is how they meet Chrom, as well as Frederick, Lissa, Robin, and Lucina. Those four were not only shown in the game, but appear to be playable. 

Frederick and Lissa appear to be axe users here, while Robin (male Robin) shows his magic wielding skills. Lucina will, of course, be wielding Falchion.

Also interesting is that we get to see some classic story moments from Awakening in this trailer. Including the Shepherds “finding” Rowan (instead of Robin in this case), Chrom and “Marth” battling at Arena Ferox, and the Fire Shield (or Fire Emblem) connecting with Chrom.

At E3 2017, we were shown areas of Fire Emblem Fates in the demo played there, could this mean that Rowan and Lianna are going to go to these worlds to find the Heroes they need to save their homeland? It seems that way.

Another cool thing was that another original character was seen along with Rowan and Lianna, could this be a player avatar character?

An interesting note, in the Japanese version of this Fire Emblem Warriors trailer, the game had a date of 9/28. That date was not in the English version as you can see, but, does this mean that we’re going to get it not long after? November seems very likely.

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