So, if you haven’t heard, Nintendo and Koei Tecmo are once again working together to bring a Nintendo style hack ‘n slash game to a Nintendo console and handheld. Last time it was Legend of Zelda via Hyrule Warriors. And now, we’re getting Fire Emblem via…well…Fire Emblem Warriors. Now, there’s a lot of hype behind this game, especially after E3, but, there is one big caveat. The roster.

Now, for those who love Fire Emblem, you know that every game has a wide variety of characters that are frankly just awesome. Yes, they’re headlined by Lords, but there’s a lot of great side characters as well. But, when the Fire Emblem Warriors team announced that only three games from the series would get the spotlight because “if they did all Lords there would just be all swords”, fans nearly rioted. But in a fun twist, as reported by an interview from Nintendo Dream, the dev staff almost did the same thing when Producer Yosuke Hayashi revealed that to the team:

“Some staff even got into quarrels with us to the point that they were saying ‘I’m going to leave this project’. They said bizarre things like ‘Hayashi doesn’t know anything about Fire Emblem!’. I had to make this bitter decision, because if we didn’t narrow them down it wouldn’t develop into [proper] gameplay! (laughs)”

So, naturally, since the game is almost done, that means that the team stayed on board. So, how did he get them to stay?

“If this game is well-received, we may be able to make a sequel.”

There you go, you want your favorite FE characters from games not named Shadow Dragon, Awakening and Fates to be in the next game? Well, then we better support this first one when it releases later this fall.

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