Did EVO 2017 End Up Winning E3 2017?

Did EVO 2017 ultimately win E3 2017? That’s the question we’re asking in our latest video, The Outerhaven Reaction. During EVO 2017, there were several huge announcements, ranging from the inclusion of SNK’s favorite bad guy, Geese Howard into Tekken 7. Arcsys announcing not one but several huge announcements – BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle,  Jubei coming to BlazBlue and footage of Future Trunks dishing out the damage in Dragon Ball FighterZ

But that wasn’t all of the huge news, as Akira finally announced that their upcoming titles, EX, is officially being released and I’m hyped for that. This is a game that started out as an April’s Fools joke, that is now an actual game and features the return of several characters from the ill-fated Street Fighter EX series. Then there’s the debut of Street Fighter V‘s Abigail, the biggest big man in the game – Watch out Zangief! Making this jump from Capcom’s old-school brawler, Final Fight, the character might confuse you as being a grappler, but he isn’t. We can’t forget that Jedah from Dark Stalkers/Vampire Saviour, making this debut in Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. We haven’t seen this character in a fighting game since 1997/1998.

With all the news, it’s really hard to argue that EVO 2017 didn’t give the fighting game community what it wanted. News, news and more news about what’s coming around the corner. 

So, yes, we do think that at least for fighting game fans, EVO 2017 definitely one-upped E3 2017 in this regard. Do you argue or are we just full of hot air and empty promises? Either way, you can let us know in the comments below.

Oh, if you missed any of the announcements, we’ve included them all for you to enjoy.


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