After months of waiting and speculation, Blizzard has finally done the impossible. No, they haven’t produced a remastered version of Warcraft 3 (yet), but instead, they have released the iconic Doomfist character for Overwatch. I’d wager that the character was more famous that most of the original Overwatch cast, despite not actually available in-game. Now, before you jump in-game and get disappointed that he isn’t voiced by Terry Crews, don’t be. While Terry isn’t the man behind the voice, Blizzard did reveal that those went with another notable actor, Sahr Ngaujah.  Though he does look like a dead ringer for Mister Crews. That out of the way, Doomfist has an interesting move set.

First and foremost, while he carries a huge armored fist, he isn’t a melee-only character. Our very own Blizzard fanatic, Josh P, has taken Doomfist for a spin on the PTR and provided some feedback on the character.


He has a ranged ability that carries four ammo, which he can fire in succession. Recharges take one second each. Can just hold down fire and shoot 1 shot a second. Usually, this takes 2-3 hits to kill a player.  He has several melee-base abilities thanks to his, well, Doomfist. An Uppercut that knocks an opponent back and deals light damage. Ground Pound enables Doomfist to lunge forward and does light damage and a knockback. While Dash Punch, Doomfist performs a short dash – but you can hold down the button for 2 seconds to charge up a lethal long-distance punch. Whenever you hit anyone with any of those abilities, you gain 30 HP which decays over time.

Doomfist can also walk slowly while charging his punch abilities. You can jump and do an air dash with the punch. You can combo the uppercut into the punch for a huge air dash/escape mechanic. What’s also interesting is his Ultimate ability – Meteor. This launches Doomfist into the air. You have the option to zoom out or to activate. When activated, you will crash down killing all people in the circle beneath you and gain 75HP per person hit that decays over time. This sounds devastating when used in conjunction with Zarya or Mei’s ultimate, or even Orisa’s Halt! ability.

Doomfist is currently available for play via the Overwatch PTR, but good luck trying him out. He seems to be very popular at the moment and based on his abilities, he’s sure to become yet another crowd favorite. As when can we expect to see Doomfist for normal play, is anyone’s guess. However, if we base this against Orisa’s reveal and eventual release, Doomfist should be available within a month. Of course, that’s all speculation and it could be much later or sooner.

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