Dimension W Vol. 7 Review

Title: Dimension W Vol. 7
Author: Yuji Iwahara
Publisher: Yen Press
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Pages: 208
Genre: Sci-Fi, Action
Publication Date: August 29, 2017

The Story

Dimension W Vol. 7 continues the story on Easter Island. Kyouma is driving his car through a tunnel when they spot a patch of nothingness before them. They make it through just barely when they are confronted by Loser! Loser says he cannot allow Kyouma to pass when he can’t remember anything about what happened at Ground Zero because Kyouma is the key to opening up the Phantom 61st Tesla Tower known as Adrastrea. After their confrontation, Kyouma loses consciousness and falls into the nothingness. Here, his memories begin to start come back to him; however, he’s not the only one remembering their past. Prince Salva is also experiencing the same thing.

The majority of the volume is spent on telling both Kyouma and Prince Salva’s backstories, but we are also introduced to another character named Haruka Seameyer who is being painted as the main antagonist. Another interesting facet is that we also indirectly learn what Loser’s true identity is. Even though the volume doesn’t come right out and state it, they left a pretty obvious clue and allowed the reader to connect the dots. A lot of questions about the incident on Easter Island, Kyouma, Loser, Isla and Grendel get answered, but not everything. The volume leaves some questions unanswered, but it shouldn’t be much longer before things are straightened out.


This volume was heavily character-driven with all of the main characters getting a lot of their stories fleshed out. The overall story of the series came to a halt this volume in order to fold a lot of the characters’ backstories into it, which is a brilliant move at this stage of the series!

The biggest story focused on Kyouma and his fiancée Miyabi. Kyouma began by remembering the fact that a war was breaking out and his Grendel unit was about to be dispatched. Miyabi was preparing for the first-ever full body transplant in order to save her life. As we learned in the previous volume, a coil accident caused the surgery to end in failure and it was the root of Kyouma’s hatred for coils. Through remembering this, Kyouma begins to remember certain aspects of why they were dispatched to Easter Island. This is where Haruka Seameyer comes in.

Haruka is the pupil of Dr. Yurizaki, the man who invented coils as well as Mira. Mira’s body was to be Miyabi’s new body, but was repurposed by Dr. Yurizaki. New Tesla feared the possibilities of Dimension W and limited Dr. Yurizaki’s research. Haruka took exception to this and rebelled against New Tesla, calling for the liberation of the coils. Tesla feared that making the blueprints for coils public would lead to cheap knockoffs and that could be dangerous. Haruka started many civil wars across the world in an effort to liberate the coils so that scientists could freely research and develop technology from them. Haruka went to Easter Island to Tower 61 and that’s when Grendel got called in.

Julian Tyler was one of the scientists that, at first, stood against Haruka at Easter Island, but caved and joined his side. He was the man who invented the forcefield using coils, which if you paid attention to some dialogue during a certain confrontation with Kyouma, you could easily figure out that Julian Tyler is Loser. His wife Sophie was also a part of the science team, but we don’t quite know the fate of her just yet, but it couldn’t have been good is Loser is going through all of this trouble to collect the Numbers.

On the other side of things, Prince Salva’s history involved one of Seameyer’s civil wars. At first, it looked as if Isla’s citizens were rebelling against Tesla and the King, but Salva noticed that these “rebels” were nothing more than brainwashed spies from other countries. Salva requested full authority to take matters into his own hands, promising that he would save Isla. The King granted him his request and Salva used his coil-powered mechs to wipe out the rebel army; however, when Lwai went to greet him out on the street, a sniper, who was aiming for Salva, shot Lwai instead. Although it wasn’t fully explained, you can connect the dots and realize that Lwai had a similar operation to Miyabi, except that his was a success.

Final Thoughts

This was an amazing volume of Dimension W that was packed with a LOT of information. Despite the, seemingly, overwhelming amount of information given to us, it was easy to follow and to digest. With Seameyer brought into the picture, a lot of things are being tied together and making a lot of sense. Despite all of this, lingering questions still remain along with the biggest one of them all: Just what happened at Tesla 61 to cause the Nothingness?

The answer is coming, but not before we get even more information. There’s also a council that tried to assassinate Salva at the hotel and claim they have a man on the inside to take another shot at him. While that new danger was only briefly explored in the beginning of the volume, I’m sure we will circle back to it once Kyouma and Salva return from the Nothingness. It’ll be interesting to see how Kyouma reacts once his memories return to him. I also like the fact that the Nothingness intertwined Kyouma and Salva’s memories together. It was almost as if the two of them were lucid dreaming at that point. A nice touch indeed!

This series just keeps getting better and better! Bring on Volume 8!

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