One of the main reason why I haven’t parted ways with my day one PlayStation 3 is that there are still games on the platform that I still play. One of these games is Demon’s Souls, the game that went on to introduce me to Fromsoftware’s twist rogue-like games. Of course ever since I’ve been smitten with them. Still, the game runs like a hot mess and I rarely play it anymore.

However, with the recent news that RPCS3, the PlayStation 3 emulator that is able to run Demon’s Souls and fairly decent I might add. It seems that my PlayStation 3 days are numbered. 

Below is the footage that the team behind the emulator released the other day and I’m impressed. It already runs better than the PS3 version, though this definitely won’t be the case for everyone. Emulation is a tricky affair and typically you’ll need a fairly powerful PC in order to run games. In the case of Demon’s Souls, this was played on an Intel i7-6700k and it was stated performance is not optimal even on an i7-6700k. Think about that for a moment. A quad core/eight thread processor wasn’t enough to run this game at 100%. Most PC gamers don’t have a processor that powerful, so everyone’s experiences with the emulator may vary.

Still, after hearing the news, I figured up the latest copy of RPCS3, made a ROM of my Demon’s Souls disc (we don’t condone piracy) and was able to try it out for my self. And yes,  while it doesn’t run at 100%, but what I did play was enough to let me take down a few bosses. 

Here’s to hoping that they get the game running at 100% in the near future. I’m sure my PS3 is watching me as I type this, but it’s ok little guy. You’re still safe – for now.

If you’d like to help Nekotekina with the development of RPCS3, click this link to donate to emulator’s development Patreon.

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