Blaster Master Zero is a callback to the older days of gaming. And for such a fulfilling game, it’s honestly really cheap on both the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo 3DS. But now, Nintendo has revealed that two indie gaming legends (who have appeared on their consoles many times) are coming to Blaster Master Zero: Shantae and Shovel Knight.

That’s right, the belly-dancing Half-Genie Hero (who recently came to Switch with her latest game), and the beholder of rite of Shovelry, are coming to the game. And for Shantae, it’s very soon. In fact, she’ll be arriving July 6th, with Shovel Knight entering the game August 3rd. Check out their debut in the trailer below:

What’s more, when these two arrive, they’ll be available for free for two weeks. After that though it’ll be $1.99. As you saw in the trailer, these two have been perfectly replicated into Blaster Master Zero, maintaining their classic playstyles and skills, including the Shovel Hop, bellydancing transformations, and more.

So don’t miss out on getting these characters and their levels when the new update arrives on July 6th.

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