So, Bayonetta is a fun over-the-top franchise by Platinum Games. One that started out on Xbox 360 and PS3, but then came to Wii U exclusively for the sequel (and bundling in the original game as well). Bayonetta 2 was critically acclaimed, even getting some Game of the Year awards and nominations. Since it came out to Wii U, many have wondered whether Bayonetta 3 could arrive on a Nintendo system…say…the Nintendo Switch?

Well, on Twitter, the now official page for Platinum Games posted this tweet:

What’s key here isn’t necessarily the text (which just says they’ve established a Twitter account) but rather, the picture of Bayonetta. While it simply looks like they’ve made a pic featuring the two versions of their most known character, the color scheme of the background looks familiar…like…say…Joy-Cons?

A stretch? Maybe, but consider this. Fans noticed this, and started asking whether this was an intentional tease of the Switch, to which, Platinum “Liked” all the tweets that mention Switch in them. Coincidence? That’d be a pretty big one.

We know that Platinum is considering Bayonetta 3 at the very least, but does this mean they’ve settled on bringing it to the Switch? Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

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