SDCC 2017 – The Walking Dead Season 8 Trailer

During the show’s panel at Comic Con, The Walking Dead revealed a five minute trailer for the upcoming eighth season. 

The first half of the trailer is a montage of many of the remaining characters preparing for battle, followed by Rick’s call to arms. The group has been fighting Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his violent cult known as ‘the Saviors’ since season 6. Rick urges everyone to fight back against “those who use and take and kill”, which goes against everything they’ve worked so hard to build over the years. There’s also plenty of zombies, explosions, and aimless searching and waiting (it wouldn’t be The Walking Dead without it). The trailer ends with an older, bearded Rick lying in bed, hinting at a jump forward in time. 

The Walking Dead returns October 22 on AMC. 

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