Spider-Man has been quite the topic of discussion this past weekend, especially with the debut of Spider-Man: Homecoming in theaters alongside very well received scores by critics. Check out our review here at The Outerhaven!

Besides the huge opening box-office numbers, those anticipating the new Spider-Man (working title) video game got a big surprise about the upcoming title as well.

Gamers that have played the popular Xbox exclusive, Sunset Overdrive, may already be familiar with the development team over at Insomniac Games. These same developers are currently working on the latest Spider-Man video game exclusive to the PlayStation 4, and they have recently revealed that the game will be several times larger than the world of Sunset Overdrive.

That is too exciting! With that being said, this will without a doubt be Insomniac’s biggest open world game developed so far. On top of intense combat against villains and free roaming throughout the city, I’m am definitely most excited to get in the motion of swinging past New York’s skyline and other beautiful sights using Spider-Man’s web. 

We have already seen this game at two E3 conferences and I’m ready to finally get my hands on this! If I had to guess, I would say that the game will come out between the releases of two other major marvel films: Black Panther in February and Avengers: Infinity War set to debut next May.

With Sean Layden’s revelation that we should see this game in the first half of 2018, I have a very bold prediction that we may see this game as early as mid to late April.

What do you think? Any chance that we might see the new Insomniac Spider-Man game next April? Or could it be released even sooner or later?  

Let us know in the comments below and be sure to stay tuned here at The Outerhaven for more Spider-Man news!

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