Let’s face it, sometimes, we just need to have fun, and that sometimes means you just need to sit back and play a game with your fellow co-workers. With all the hype and buzz surrounding E3 2017, the Nintendo team decided to do just that. Take a few minutes and see how much they knew about each other in the first ever “Nintendo Guessing Game.”

Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto and Mr. Yoshiaki Koizumi were one pair, and Mr. Hisashi Nogami, and Mr. Yosuke Yabuki were the other. The questions are simple, and are meant to just be fun, but there is some interesting insight at points. Mainly when Mr. Nogami is asked about his favorite Nintendo franchise.

So just sit back, relax, and enjoy this little video. It made us smile, and it’ll surely do the same for you!

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Todd Black

A self-proclaimed Nintendo fanboy, born, bred, and Mushroom fed! He’s owned every Nintendo handheld and every console since the SNES. He loved games so much he went and got a video game degree and dreams of writing video game stories