UPDATE 7/29/2017: The IMDB website has a list of release dates for the Tokyo Ghoul live-action movie. You can check out the rumored release dates here.

FUNimation announced that they have acquired the license to the live-action Tokyo Ghoul movie. The live-action adaption of Sui Ishida’s popular manga series will also be coming to U.S. theaters; however, FUNimation has not stated where or when the movie will play in the U.S.  They did state that the movie will be played with Japanese audio and English subtitles only. 

According to FUNimation, the cast for the Tokyo Ghoul movie is as follows:

Ken KanekiMasataka KubotaLight Yagami in Death Note TV Series, 2015
Toka KirishimaFumika ShimizuYuki Jojima in Kamen Rider Fourze, 2011-2012
Rize KamishiroYu AoiMegumi in Rurouni Kenshin Live-Action Movies, 2012-2014
Kotaro AmonNobuyuki SuzukiMember of EXILE
Kureo MadoYo Oizumi

Tatara (voice) in The Boy and the Beast, 2015

A special conference was held in Japan on June 2 in which details about the movie were announced. The announcement, which featured Masataka Kubota (Kaneki Ken) and director Kentaro Hagiwara, can be viewed below.

In addition, it was announced that the Tokyo Ghoul movie will be coming to the Los Angeles Anime Expo on July 3. This will be the worldwide premiere of the film which isn’t slated to release in Japanese theaters until one week after Anime Expo. The film will debut on July 10 in Japan and in Berlin, Germany on July 7. No other release dates for international markets have been announced as of yet. illion (Youjiro Noda of RADWIMPS) will be performing the film’s theme song “BANKA.” The soundtrack is being produced by Don Davis (The Matrix)


The new promotional poster for Tokyo Ghoul can be seen below:

English Trailer


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