Sure, Valve has their super fancy Steam Summer sale going on right now. But what If I told you that you could get a fantastic title for less than what they’re offering it for? Oh, you’re all ears now are you? Well, currently over on Steam, Dead Cells is $14.44. However, if you head on over to Bundle Stars, you can get it for even cheaper. 

Right now the title is $12.40, but that’s not all. If you add the discount code “Red5”, it drops the game down to just $11.78. That’s a steal in my eyes. And sure, Dead Cells is still in early access, but it doesn’t mean the game isn’t fun.

Dead Cells Bundle Stars Link – here

Well, I did my part and let you know about it. I’ve practically brought the water to you,. All you have to do is drink it.. er, buy the game.

Dead Cells is a Steam Early Access roguelike/action title from Motion Twin. We had a chance to play it during PAX East 2017 and felt like this game has tons of potential and is a bit wacky.