During the Nintendo Treehouse Live event today at E3, a brand new character was unveiled for ARMS. In fact, it’ll be the first ever DLC character that’ll be added to the game via the free updates planned for it. His name…is Max Brass.

Who is Max Brass? Well, he is the winningest fighter in the history of the ARMS Grand Prix. So many times has he won in fact that his literal arms are made up of championship belts. And…you might just see him in the Grand Prix mode once the game comes out…

Max Brass has several special abilities, including the ability to buff up and be able to not flinch when hit by attacks. He’s certainly going to be one tough character.


Also revealed during the Treehouse segment was the first two batches of DLC. The first free DLC update will come this month and will feature a Spectator Mode. This was used during the Global Testpunch, and so the team decided to bring it back.

Next month will be the second pack of DLC, and Max Brass will be included in that. 

Stay tuned for our review of ARMS that’ll be coming soon, and for the Nintendo teams thoughts on E3 as a whole, stay tuned for the next episode of the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast!

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