“Misfits” is May Be Getting an American Remake

For fans of British teen drama, Misfits was the shit. Snarky troublemakers with powers trying to live their messed up lives, always one step ahead of being caught…at least until it all fell to shit in season 3. Now, Freeform (you know, that channel that’s all about the teen shows) has asked for a pilot of a remake of the show.

Four leads have already been cast for the series, and their characters have the same names and personalities as their British series counterparts. Ashleigh LaThrop will play Alicia, the party girl, Tre Hall will play Curtis, the good-looking athlete who gets in trouble, Allie MacDonald  will play Kelly, the trashy girl who has a bad temper and Jake Cannavale will play Nathan, the loveably annoying thief. No news as to whether or not the characters will have the same powers as in the original but it seems likely, since they are keeping everything else. 

No one has been cast to play Simon yet, who was originally played by Iwan Rheon, the guy who plays Ramsay Bolton and this character is just as creepy. He’s the anti-social loner who set a house on fire and does a bunch of shady shit in the show, but then has the coolest storyline. I wouldn’t take the lack of casting as a sign that there will not be a Simon in the show, especially since all the other characters are the same. However, it is interesting that he’s the one character who hasn’t been announced yet.

Misfits is about five teenagers who are forced to do community service for various misdemeanors when they are struck by a mysterious lightning and given mutant abilities. From there, they have to contend with other mutated people and getting used to their own powers as well as struggling to understand each other. 

There’s no guarantees that we’ll be getting an actual show, as the pilot will need to be greenlit once it’s been filmed. Still, for fans of the show, it could be great to see these characters on screen again, though hopefully this time they’ll avoid the mistakes of the original.

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