Hide All Your Money Because The Steam Summer Sale Is Live

Better get those wallets ready

That’s right folks! Hide your wallets, purses or where ever you store your cash. Because Steam and Lord Gaben are coming for that… cash. Starting today is the Steam Summer sale and rest assured that no one is safe. I’m sure that someone out there will likely find a game or games they wanted but waited for this day. For the rest of us, we’ll end up in a never-ending loop of buying games that we simply don’t need. Just to satisfy our Lord and Savior.

So far, I found that the starting deals are decent. I was able to pick up Mafia III for $14.49, ABZU for just $5.99 and Hyper Light Drifter for just $9.99. Those are some crazy deals if you ask me, but there’s even more.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor GOTY Edition – $3.99
Hollow Knight – $9.89
Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltales Series – $16.74
Grim Dawn – $12.49
Steamworld Heist – $5.09
South Park: The Stick of Truth – $7.49
Transistor (Must Play) $2.99

Just like the last few Steam sales, the quests have made a return. The badges are also back, so get to crafting those cards or buying them from someone who did all the hard work. Read more about there here.

The Steam Summer sale runs from today and up until July 5th, 2017. So unless you want to spend all your monies, you may want to refrain from opening your Steam account. Otherwise, happy spending!