Back during E3 2017, I spoke with Bandai Namco on their decision to bring Gundam Versus to North American. During that conversation, they mentioned that bringing the game over was a huge risk, but one they felt was necessary. They have high hopes that the fighting game community would pick up the title and Bandai Namco was ready to back the community up. 

Well, looks like the FGC is starting to embrace the game, as the Gundam Versus was just selected for the first ever Gundam Versus side tournament at EVO 2017! Now, side tournaments aren’t anything new for the Evolution Championship Series. It’s just the stage where all the other games get played that aren’t on the main stages. It definitely doesn’t take away any hype factor, as some of the best games played at EVO have been in the side tournaments.

The side tournament will be hosted by Bandai Namco and AnimEVO, however, not much else is known at the moment. However, per, the side tournament could possibly have its own floor space, stream, prizes and more. It’s worth noting that since the NA version doesn’t release until later during 2017, the tourney will use the Japanese version. Still, that’s damn exciting, especially for you Gundam and anime fans. I hope this first ever Gundam EVO tournament does well, so we can see more of them in the future! For more info, head on over to and AnimEVO if you want to sign up for the event.

Well, it’s about damned time is all I can say about this. Go forth Gundam, and show the FGC your stuff!

Gundam Versus releases on July 6th for the PlayStation 4 in Japan and Fall 2017 for North America. Yes, I already have it pre-ordered! Oh, and I already called dibs on Tallgeese and Epyon!

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