Despite some leaks coming before E3, Fire Emblem Warriors did get a light shined on it during the Nintendo E3 Spotlight. With the trailer (which you can see below) we saw new characters revealed, new story details, and a look at just how epic the game will look.

Let’s start with the characters. First, we saw more of Chrom and Marth, who were already confirmed, along with the custom made new characters. But in a fun twist, we saw Xander, Ryoma, and Female Corrin from Fire Emblem Fates showing up to assist them. They are all working together to stop an evil, so this is going to be fun.

The story will be one that feels very familiar to Fire Emblem fans, as a dragon is rampaging across a kingdom, and the character must unite to defeat it. Though gameplay wasn’t shown, we do know it’ll be like Hyrule Warriors and Dynasty Warriors.

Fire Emblem Warriors arrives on Nintendo Switch in the fall.

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