While it’s true that E3 2017 is underway, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t other news coming out. For example, if you are playing Fire Emblem Heroes, then you know that tomorrow will be the end of the current “Bridal Blessings” Focus Group, which means that a new major Focus Group has to come. Well, Nintendo has revealed what’s coming, and it’s a bit of a surprise!

Four characters from the Japan-only title Mystery of the Emblem are coming to Fire Emblem Heroes. If you don’t recall, Mystery of the Emblem was the sequel to Shadow Dragon, and featured Marth and many familiar faces teaming up with new faces to save the world. Well, now some of the characters from that game are set to arrive.

There’s the mage Katarina, the swordsman Roderick, the swordswoman Athena, and and the sword knight Luke. Adding to the fun and mystery (get it?) is that they seem to have some all-new abilities that have not been in Fire Emblem Heroes before. Be sure to let us know what you think of these new characters! Hopefully you all get some!

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