E3 2017 – EA Reveals Plans for Battlefield 1’s New DLC “In the Name of Tsar”

Electronic Arts opened E3 today with the first conference of the weekend to debut their latest projects. Aside from sports titles, we got a taste of their widely popular first-person shooter, Battlefield 1, and the brand new Russian themed expansion set to release later this year called, In the Name of the Tsar.

Patrick Soderlund, executive vice president over at Electronic Arts, took the stage and got everyone in the crowd excited for the new content set to release this summer. He listened to what everyone has been asking for with Battlefield 1 and EA is ready to deliver. 

With this announcement, EA invites players to enter the war’s biggest front along with the Russian army in the game’s greatest expansion so far. This new expansion is set to feature a smaller, tighter experience, while heightening the games competition and featuring new ways to play.

New weapons, new vehicles, and six new maps are all set to release in September when this DLC arrives. On top of that, new game modes and challenges are featured to switch up the action that players were previously used to, so you can definitely consider this a new experience for the already beloved shooter. 

Be sure to tune in to Gamescom this August where we will hear more about the Battlefield 1: In the Name of Tsar DLC.